I’m Br Will White, CMJ and I welcome you to this blog. 26055680_10210671377442684_4383892406554754942_nWith a passionate interest in Christian theology and scripture, I intend for this blog to center around how we find Divine as we seek to know ourselves more authentically. I hope to share thoughts, experiences, and resources to expand our collective consciousness and encourage one another toward a fuller understanding of the nature of spirituality and how all spiritual paths ultimately create community and bring us together. My own personal spiritual journey includes experiences in evangelical as well as liturgical worship, and is not limited solely to mainstream Christianity but includes a deep appreciation for the contributions of orthodoxy, Judaism, Buddhism and others to the overall spiritual experience. As I have come to call an Anglo-catholic Episcopal church in Chicago my home, I continue to pursue a calling to deeper ministry through prayer, grace and an abiding compassion for creation.  I am a parish administrator, living in Chicago since 2002, and am currently seeking ordination to the Diaconate within the Episcopal Church. I am also a vowed member of the Community of the Mother of Jesus (CMJ), which is a a contemporary religious community who live a common life of prayer and service. Richard Hooker identified four attributes found within the Anglican identity which provide a wonderful framework for the dialogue I hope to achieve here: scriptural revelation, ancient tradition, reason and personal experience. I hope that you enjoy the journey. +

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