Breathe Deeply

With it’s incredibly complex theological mystery it is no wonder that many people tend to gravitate toward one of the three parts of the Trinity. Something speaks to their soul that causes them to identify with either the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit, and while this association may certainly change over time given the context of our lives, we find strength and inspiration in this relationship. I often seem very drawn to the Holy Spirit. It’s not that I don’t feel close to the Father or the Son, but there is something about the descriptors in the Bible around the Holy Spirit that moves me. Sadly, the immaturity of the human soul often misrepresents the true persona of God (the Father) leaving him much smaller, more calculating, vengeful and angry. Even Jesus the Christ is misunderstood by the people, the authorities and even his own disciples! But, there is a clarity found in the Holy Spirit. She empowers wisdom (Daniel 4:9), voice (Mark 12:36) and even life itself (Luke 1:35). I like to think the Holy Spirit is the verb of God… She is the very real action of God in creation as well as His presence. Beautifully described as a dove, breath, wind, fire, water and guide, we invite this Spirit within us as Christians knowing that we cannot achieve our true potential in God without it. Just as our bodies long for air to live, the Holy Spirit longs to fill us with purpose and love, but in both cases, we must create a space for air and Spirit to dwell.

3 thoughts on “Breathe Deeply

  1. Yes. I find a centeredness, that, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus has promised to “be with us always”
    In “Praying Our Days: A Spiritual Companion” former Presiding Bishop speaks eloquently of the place of the Holy Spirit in our lives, one phrases that begins a prayer has stuck with me and gives me comfort and hope that God is not yet finished with me. It is “the Holy Spirit, who prays within me…”

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